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Gilgo Beach murders

by HJ Anwar
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Rex Hurman, a New York architect, is currently being held in connection with the Gilgo Beach murder investigation, an extraordinary development that, according to two trustworthy law enforcement sources, has been connected to at least ten sets of human remains found on Gilgo Beach on Long Island since 2010.

In the long-abandoned investigation, which has given birth to competing ideas regarding the participation of a serial murderer, this is the first arrest.

Rex Hurman is presently in arrest, according to many reports, although it’s not clear if he had anything to do with the killings.

Law enforcement is conducting an active investigation at a registered address associated with him, as reported by sources. According to the Suffolk County DA’s office, there is a possibility of him appearing in court on Friday morning.

Rex Hurman is a registered architect who, according to his company’s website, has been working as an architect and consultant based in New York City since 1994.

Gilgo Beach murders
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The discovery of the dismembered remains of the first set of women in the water along a secluded strip of Gilgo Beach has shaken the authorities involved in the investigation of this horrific crime.

The Suffolk County authorities informed on Friday that they are executing a search warrant at his registered address, as per sources. The Suffolk County DA’s office has indicated that he may appear in court on Friday.

Gilgo Beach, with its waterway property separated by a strip of dense brush, has become the epicenter of this terrifying discovery that has sent shockwaves through certain communities on the south shore of Long Island.

Gilbert’s death was thought to have been an accident and unrelated to the deaths at Gilgo Beach, according to prior statements made by the authorities.

But a year later, near Oak Beach, four additional female victims were found close to Gilbert’s remains, prompting detectives to start looking for new leads and create a website for the inquiry.

The suspect has offered escort services on platforms similar to Craigslist, according to the police.

When authorities recovered the remains of a young lady named Shannan Gilbert, 23, who vanished from Jersey City, New Jersey, in 2010, the investigation took an enigmatic turn.

Investigators discovered the remains of 10 more people in the extensive bush around Oak Beach a year after Gilbert’s body was discovered on a nearby beach.

These startling finds have captured the attention of the area and sparked waves of terror among several towns on the south side of Long Island.
Gilbert’s death was thought to have been an accident and unrelated to the killings at Gilgo Beach, according to prior statements made by the authorities.

However, Valerie Mack, a 24-year-old Philadelphia resident who had been missing for 20 years, was identified as a result of the inquiry into the murders of the four women identified as “Jane Doe #6” and discovered at Oak Beach.

According to the Suffolk County Police, Mack’s fragmentary bones were originally located nearby Gilgo Beach in 2000. Additional fragmented parts were later recovered there in 2011.

According to a joint press statement, the Suffolk County Police established a task force last year that comprises the FBI, state police, county district attorney’s office, and sheriff’s office, describing the probe as the “most prolific serial killer investigations in Long Island history.”

Detectives from Suffolk County have been perplexed by the case for years. In 2020, they discovered a belt bearing letters they think may be related to the culprit and started a website to solicit fresh information.

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